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Register Now for the 2019 Sierra Nevada Tree Mortality Data Network Workshop 

March 14, 2019 10 am – 4 pm at the US Forest Service Wildfire Training Center, McClellan, CA

Please join us for a workshop to discuss recent and ongoing results and analyses of Sierra Nevada tree mortality. The desired outcomes of the workshop are to:

  • Share latest results on live and dead trees, bark beetle attacks, regeneration, and post-mortality management
  • Discuss frameworks for incorporating data into forest management planning
  • Provide a platform for collaboration on field data collection, interpretation and use

Please register for the free workshop at (Presenting results through the 2018 field season). Please register by March 9th. For information and presentations from last year's workshop, please visit for details. 

Agenda in brief

  • 10:00     Manager perspectives, Q&A: ongoing tree removal and preparing for the next mortality event
  • 11:00     Research update, Q&A: Tree mortality, snag fall rates, and fuels
  • 11:45     Breakout group discussions: Issues and solutions in managing existing tree mortality
  • 12:30     Lunch (provided)
  • 1:15       Research update, Q&A: Post-mortality forest regeneration
  • 2:00       Breakout group discussions: Issues and solutions in forest regeneration
  • 2:45       Coffee break
  • 3:00       Recent and ongoing research for forest resilience, Q&A
  • 3:30       Wrap-up and next steps for Sierra Nevada forests

We hope to see you there.

For more information, please contact: